Rokesly Spring Market and Car Boot Sale

We’re really pleased to confirm that the Rokesly Spring Market and Car Boot Sale will take place on Sunday 20th March, 10.30am-1.30pm, to raise money for our lovely schools.

If you would like to sell your stuff (anything you like – from jumble, to things your kids have made, to small-business goods), please email to book a spot.

The cost is £10 for either:

– a car pitch (sell direct from your car boot and bring your own table if you need one) or

– a table-top pitch (bring your own table or borrow one from us – we only have a limited number of tables though, so contact us quick to secure yours!).

To make the event a success we really need volunteers on the day (to man the entrance, sell food and drink etc.), so please sign up here if you can spare an hour or so to help out: