Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is a fairly new role to the committee and was created to ensure all news and events for the PSA are communicated as widely as possible across the school community.  

This is a fun role and suitable for someone with a social media background, who is creative and innovative, thinking of new and exciting ways to engage the school community with the PSA.

Main duties:

  • Attend PSA meetings.
  • Advertise PSA meetings and future events on social media.
  • Attend events and provide coverage on the day and afterwards.
  • Ensure that anyone included on PSA social media has given permission.
  • Manage the PSA Instagram account.
  • Manage the PSA Facebook account.
  • Encourage participation and enthusiasm for the events organized by the PSA

If you have any questions or you’re interested in taking on the role of Social Media Manager, please contact, we’d love to hear from you.